Prayers of Honoring: Grief (2)

Omgaan met verdriet. Ik kocht er een mooi boekje over met gebeden. Vandaag een paar zinnen uit het gebed Honoring Unwellness.

Honoring Unwellness

  • Help me as I tangle with the state of dis-ease that is eroding my sanity and serenity.
  • Help me see the medicine in my vulnerability and brokenness.
  • Help me be with my sorrow, and not dismiss myself because I’m not measuring up in the way I think I should.
  • I have missed out on a lot of life due to obstacles in my body, and this is at times heartbreaking. Help me give back to myself what I have been robbed of.
  • Strengthen me to be with discomfort without being its prisoner.
  • Let me make good use of my downtime by recognizing when it is time for battle and for recovery.

When my physical systems falter, make my spirit strong and ready for renewal. ~ Pixie Lighthorse ♥

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