Oracle Card Deck

Nature’s Beauty
I have been dreaming about making my own oracle card deck. On May the first this dream will come true. Right now I’m still working on the final details, but I will promise you, it is going to be gorgeous. The main theme off the deck is nature. That is why it’s called Nature’s Beauty. The deck will be about the simplicity of nature as well as its fenomenal complexity. It will be about connecting with Mother Earth as well as connecting with yourself. It will be about all that we secretly know already, but is not visible to the human eye. It will be a deck of 44 cards. There is no guidebook to go with it. The reason for that is that I really want to encourage people to use their own intuïtion. To listen to their own inner voice and start trusting their own connection with Nature’s Beauty, for we all have that beautiful connection but use it so little.

Pre Order and Prices
Right now you can already pre-order the deck. The price of the deck is € 16,50 / $ 17,50.
Shipping costs are not included.

Shipping costs
The Netherlands                     € 3,95
Europe 1:                                  € 6,65
Europe 2:                                 € 11,95
Rest of the world:                   $ 15,50

Europa 1: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Austria, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden.

Europa 2: All other European countries (except Russia)

Wereld: All other countries (including Russia).

All packages will be send with a track and trace code!

If you want to a order my deck, please fill in the form below. I will need your name, adress and a valid email adress where I can send the invoice to.